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Major pro-life provision included in state budget

February 25, 2019 by Jeff Caruso

Hyde Amendment on its way to Governor’s desk!


The General Assembly session ended yesterday, with the House and Senate passing an agreed upon package of amendments to the state budget. In a major development for pro-life advocates, the package includes the long-sought Hyde Amendment restrictions on taxpayer funding of abortions!
The Hyde Amendment has been in place in federal law for over 40 years. It prohibits federal funding of abortions under the Medicaid program except in cases of danger to the life of the mother, rape and incest. Most states put the same restrictions on their state funds. By including the Hyde Amendment in its state budget, Virginia would join these states and stop state tax dollars from funding abortions to the fullest extent possible.
The package of budget amendments now heads to the Governor’s desk, and he has until March 26 to act on them. We will keep you posted on next steps.
The Hyde Amendment has always been a foremost priority for the Virginia Catholic Conference, and we are extremely grateful to every legislator who helped get this vitally important policy to this unprecedented point!

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