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2024 General Assembly Session Recap

2024 General Assembly Session: How Did Your Legislators Vote?

During the 2024 Virginia General Assembly session, your state senator and delegate cast key votes on critical issues impacting human life, dignity and the common good. This report contains three charts:

  • A Senate chart showing how your senator voted;
  • A House chart showing how your delegate voted; and
  • A House Health & Human Services Committee chart with two key committee votes.

The House Health & Human Services Committee chart was included to report how the Committee’s 22 delegates voted on two matters of top concern that did not receive House floor votes.

At the conclusion of the report are:

  • Descriptions of Legislation featured in the charts, organized into three categories – Life & Liberty, Families & Children, and Social & Economic Concerns.
  • An Index of Legislation, for those interested in more detail than what the brief bill descriptions provide.

Not sure who your state legislators are? Use the Find Your Legislator feature here.

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