The Virginia General Assembly adjourned March 8 after a busy session in which the Virginia Catholic Conference vigorously fought to protect life – including the unborn and death row inmates  – and successfully achieved conscience protections for genetic counselors and an improved school-choice program. Read about it by clicking here for our regular session summary.

Governor McAuliffe will convene a special session on March 24 to deal with budget issues, as the regular session ended without a budget.  During this special session, the Conference will continue to advocate for budget priorities, including health care access for all Virginians that protects every life, funding for affordable housing, services for those with disabilities and compensation for victims of Virginia’s past eugenics program.  Click here to see the alert urging the Governor to fund vital programs.

In the meantime, we’ll keep you updated and continue to rely on our email network (join here) to bolster our efforts to advance the common good.