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Virginia March for Life – April 3rd – Mark your Calendar

March 4, 2019 by Jeff Caruso

March for the Unborn!


We cannot be silent.  We must stand together and speak the truth on behalf of those that cannot. Please join us for the first annual Virginia March for Life on April 3 in Richmond. 

New York recently shed light on a dangerous nationwide movement to enshrine “abortion rights” into state laws across the county. These bills have already made it to Virginia. They were fortunately defeated this session; however, we anticipate seeing them again next year! The Virginia General Assembly saw a bill filed this year, HB 2491 (Delegate Tran), similar to New York’s, which would have eliminated most restrictions on third trimester abortions. Virginia saw another unprecedented bill, SB 1637 (Senator Boysko), which sought to add the “right to reproductive choice” aka “right to abortion” into the Virginia Human Rights Act. The bill would have expressly made access to abortion a “fundamental right” in our state law, in direct contradiction to the fundamental right to life.  Governor Northam’s administration spoke in support of both bills at the hearings and the Governor further defended his position during a shocking radio interview.  Disturbingly, Virginia’s U.S. Senators also recently failed to vote for a bill which would have provided further protections for children born alive after an abortion.
As Virginia and our Nation increasingly face more threats to the unborn through aggressive anti-life legislation, we will need your help to stand against these measures.  The Virginia March for Life is the perfect opportunity to stand united in support of the most vulnerable among us. 
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Thank you for standing with us!

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In prayer and in public, your voices are urgently needed to bring Gospel values to bear on vital decisions being made by those who represent you.
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