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Your input matters: two reminders and some good news

April 20, 2022 by Jeff Caruso

Don’t forget to join us on April 27th for the Virginia March for Life and take action now on the Governor’s amendment!


We are only ONE week away from the 4th annual Virginia March for Life on April 27th in Richmond!  This day is the “reconvened session” where all of your General Assembly members will be back in Richmond to vote on the Governor’s vetoes and bill amendments – including a vital pro-life amendment regarding surrogacy contracts! 

Here are three things you can do between now and next Wednesday:

  1. Act now to urge your legislators to vote for the Governor’s pro-life amendment.
  2. Register for the Virginia March for Life.
  3. Share this email and alert to spread the word! 

Together we can show our leaders that Virginia is pro-life! 

Good news on VA School Health Guidelines: Last week, many of you responded to our alert asking you to submit public comments regarding draft Virginia School Health Guidelines for public schools. Nearly 600 comments were submitted to urge that the link to an offensive website be removed from the draft guidelines. The website promoted highly objectionable content, including abortion. Yesterday, a notice posted at the top of the public comment page stated that the Virginia Department of Health has withdrawn the draft guidelines. We appreciate the positive and decisive action VDH took. We also thank each person who submitted a comment. Many of the comments came from you, the members of our network. Your input matters! We will keep you posted on further developments.



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