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Help register voters for critical elections this year and beyond

July 1, 2024 by Jeff Caruso

Virginia Catholic Conference provides key voter registration template, encourages parishes to conduct drives

On November 5, Virginians will have the opportunity to vote in the historic general and special elections for President, a U.S. Senate seat, 11 U.S. House of Representatives seats and – in some areas – “down-ballot” offices. And next year, our Commonwealth will feature races for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and all 100 House of Delegates seats.

Every year is an election year in Virginia. As Catholics, we are called to practice faithful citizenship each time an election is held and in our daily lives.  

One highly effective way for parishes to help voting-age members participate in the political process is by conducting nonpartisan voter registration drives. The Virginia Catholic Conference has updated its voter registration template, which includes 10 easy steps for conducting a drive. Parishes are highly encouraged to consider conducting drives using this resource. Please contact us at 804.225.8565 or at with any questions or for further assistance. 

The registration deadline for the general election is Tuesday, October 15. (Voters may register after this date, through Election Day, and then vote using a provisional ballot).


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In prayer and in public, your voices are urgently needed to bring Gospel values to bear on vital decisions being made by those who represent you.


The Virginia Catholic Conference is the public policy agency representing Virginia’s Catholic bishops and their two dioceses.