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Reminder: Check out our post-session materials

May 3, 2021 by Jeff Caruso

VCC vote report & blog post tell of consequential outcomes & opportunities for public input denied


Last week, we shared two pieces that tell the story of our work during the 2021 Virginia General Assembly session: 

  • our report of key outcomes and how each legislator voted, as well as future threats, and 
  • our blog post about instances when people were denied opportunities to speak at committee hearings.

Please read these items if you have not yet had a chance. Also, please share them with anyone interested in learning what happened during the 2021 session and how it happened. In your outreach, encourage people to join our email advocacy network. 

Thank you for your advocacy as critical issues were debated here in Richmond, and for your help in spreading word about the outcomes and the vital work ahead!


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In prayer and in public, your voices are urgently needed to bring Gospel values to bear on vital decisions being made by those who represent you.


The Virginia Catholic Conference is the public policy agency representing Virginia’s Catholic bishops and their two dioceses.