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Virginia General Assembly Update – Week 6

February 16, 2024 by Jeff Caruso

Virginia General Assembly Update – Week 6

The Feb. 13 crossover deadline has come and gone. We are glad to see legislation advancing that would make prescription drugs more affordable, place clear limits on the practice of solitary confinement, increase the minimum wage, increase children’s access to healthcare, and reduce gun violence. But on some of the most fundamental issues we address, very harmful legislation is also moving forward. Examples include bills to require health plans to cover contraceptives and even some abortifacients, to create a commercial marketplace for marijuana, and to shield abortion providers in Virginia from criminal or professional liability for violating other states’ pro-life laws. These “abortion shield” bills will be focal points of visits to legislators’ offices as part of Virginia Pro-Life Day … which is now less than a week away!

Speaking of Virginia Pro-Life Day, if you are planning to attend and have not already registered, please register now at We look forward to seeing you very soon!

Update on assisted suicide legislation: As you know from prior updates and alerts, legislation seeking to legalize physician assisted suicide in Virginia was introduced in both the Senate (SB 280) and the House (HB 858). There was significant movement on both bills during the first few weeks of session. In fact, on Feb. 9, SB 280 passed the Senate by a 21-19 vote. However, although HB 858 advanced to the House floor, it failed because the House decided not to bring it to a final vote by the Feb. 13 crossover deadline. SB 280 has been referred to the House Rules Committee, and we will keep you posted on any further developments. Thank you to everyone who has been advocating in opposition to this legislation.

Reminder - please act on our recent alerts: You have received two key alerts from us within the past 24 hours.  If you have not already done so, please act now on our alert opposing surrogacy broker legislation and our alert opposing alkaline hydrolysis, a process which fails to give human remains the respect they deserve.

Thank you for your faithful citizenship!


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