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Virginia General Assembly Update – Week 7

February 23, 2024 by Jeff Caruso

Virginia General Assembly Update – Week 7

VA Pro-Life Day

Virginia Pro-Life Day: On Wednesday, Virginia Pro-Life Day drew thousands of people to Capitol Square in Richmond to advocate, witness and pray for life. 

First, over 650 participants met directly with their legislators. Constituents urged their representatives to reject “abortion shield” legislation and the extreme and dangerous proposed  “right to abortion” amendment to the Virginia constitution (to be debated by the General Assembly next year). They also emphasized to legislators the importance of supporting the Hyde Amendment, the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, and supports for families such as a child tax credit, an adoption tax credit, and a sales tax exemption for baby products.

Later in the morning, participants were energized and inspired at the Rally for Life. Bishop Burbidge presented remarks during the rally, and Bishop Knestout offered the closing prayer. In the afternoon, attendees marched around Capitol Square in a peaceful and powerful witness for life. 

To all who participated, especially the very large number of students, thank you! Protecting life in our laws and policies starts with each one of us. The changes we desire will take time, so it is necessary to stay engaged. If you were among those who visited legislators’ offices, please thank them for meeting with you, follow how they’re voting, and keep the dialogue going with them. This is the essential work of faithful citizenship!

Here is a video, provided by the Diocese of Arlington, capturing highlights of the day. 

Alkaline hydrolysis: People responded at an especially high rate to our alert last week about a bill attempting to legalize alkaline hydrolysis – a process which liquifies human remains and treats them as “wastewater.” Your emails to legislators urging them not to bring this process to Virginia made a big difference! Earlier this week, the alkaline hydrolysis bill was overwhelmingly defeated in the Senate 32-6. Thank you to everyone who acted on our alert.

Midway update: For a “big picture” look at how our efforts on a wide range of issues fared during the first half of session, read our General Assembly Midway Update.



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