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More action needed: Doctors should heal, NOT kill.

September 2, 2021 by More action needed: Doctors should heal, NOT kill.

Urge healthcare professionals to OPPOSE assisted suicide in new survey by
 the Medical Society of Virginia


The Medical Society of Virginia has circulated a new members-only survey on assisted suicideTo participate in the survey, a physician, physician assistant or medical student must be a current member of the MSV. If you are a licensed healthcare provider in Virginia or a medical student, please complete this brief contact form and we will reply with instructions on how to access the survey.

If you are not a healthcare provider, please forward this message to any Virginia physician, physician assistant or medical student you know who opposes assisted suicide and urge them to fill out the same contact form as soon as possible. The deadline for the survey is September 30

As debate on assisted suicide continues, the stance of the MSV will be critical. Please urge Virginia healthcare professionals who share our concerns to connect with us by using this short form


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