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Election resources: where do the candidates stand?

October 5, 2018 by Jeff Caruso

Conference releases 2018 side-by-side comparison of candidates for U.S. Senate

November 6th is Election Day. As it has done for other elected offices previously, the Virginia Catholic Conference is pleased to share its side-by-side comparison of the positions of the candidates in this year’s Virginia U.S. Senate race.
Conference staff compiled Know the Positions of the Candidates for U.S. Senate from the candidates’ official and campaign websites, policies, public statements and other resources to help voters understand where the candidates stand on important issues before casting their ballots. The issues appear in alphabetical order for informational purposes only and do not represent a complete list of issues that may be of importance to Catholics.  The Conference neither supports nor opposes candidates for public office. A Spanish translation of the candidate comparison is also available.
In addition, the Conference’s guidelines for political activities for parishes and other Catholic entities can be found here.

NOTE: The Dioceses of Arlington and Richmond authorize parishes to use only materials provided by the Diocese, the Virginia Catholic Conference or the USCCB. Non-diocesan voter-education resources are not authorized for parish use.
Please check out these resources before you vote!
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